Combining building - merge two buildings

Two local schools have merged to become one. They are side by side with no space in between. Currently the school building on OSM share a boundary.

I was considering using disused:name and disused:website on the school that was merged(a) into the other school(b). Leave the building outline for future reference. Then expending the building outline of the other school and update the details.

Is this the best way or is there a more recommended standard to do this?

I use either JOSM or online editing.

Deciding which school was merged into which:

School (b) an junior school has merged with school (a) a infant school. School (b) has kept the head teacher, it’s office staff and its name is mostly the same, just changing junior to primary.

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Can you give us a link?

I kept in generic in case I come across it again in the future.

The link is is the new school

If this
is one school now, you should add a name and other info to this feature.

These two schools were incorrectly tagged:

To map a school you need at least two tags:
amenity=school + name

They were split. I mean, it was just a name added to a building, so it didn’t count as a school because it didn’t have “amenity=school” tag.

Look at:
for example.

You can read
how to map a school.

Thank you for the information. I hadn’t looked fully at the tags yet. When I update the school I will add the correct tags following the mentioned guide.

You mention adding info to Non of the schools in this area seem to have that set up so I will start doing that for them once this one is concluded.

My main question was regarding what to do with the (old school building). Because It isn’t disused and deleting the buildingand expanding the other building isn’t usually the best way about it.

Having read Would it be better to create a new bounding box for the building and adding building:part=*. with * being either yes or Infant/Junior to represent yeach part of the school. That way it gets to keep the history, but represent the current use.

I would keep the buildings geometry and remove all the tags but building=school. You can move the right tags (phone, website etc.) to amenity=school area.
Or if you want to have one building, you can delete one of them, and expand the other one. You can use OS OpenData StreetView layer or other, to correct the building outline.

With JOSM you can easy merge the 2 buildings into one preserving the history of every node and 1 of the buildings. Not sure if you can do the same with iD.