Combine tile rendering with JOSM

I thought about how users/editors could get involved in the tile rendering process and when I saw the batik.jar in the tiles@home directory, I had the idea to integrate the rendering process into JOSM. The workflow would be like this:

  • download the data into JOSM
  • edit the data
  • upload the data
  • a dialog pops up and asks, if the user wants to render the changes. the user can decide, if she wants to or not.

I don’t know how complicated the tiles@home tool chain is and if it is possible to port that to java but from my point of view, that would be a much cleaner solution. The first step could also be to call the tiles tool chain from JOSM. The new client could be realized as standalone and/or extension for JOSM.

What do you think?


It already exists, see the Osmarender plugin for JOSM.

I have installed the osmarender plugin and as far as I can see, this just renders the current editor screen and has nothing to do with tiles@home. Or am I something missing?

Another thing I want to point out is, that the current tiles@home tools might be hard to install. I read a german forum post, where people where talking about their problems with the installation. A java port and an integration into JOSM should solve this problem for most of the people who want to help render tiles.