Colour rendering in night mode

Hi, sorry if this has been covered before - I’m quite new to this.

Previously when I’ve installed Lambertus’s maps (generic routable), they’ve had a default black background in night mode. Now, whether or not I include a TYP file, the default colour is grey. This flickers somewhat, and is not as pleasing to the eye. However, when the next turn popups appear, they are always clear black.

I’ve always used the basic generic routable version, as the new style version had the flickering grey background at night.

Is there any way to fix this, please?

I’m using a Garmin Streetpilot 2610, if that makes any difference.

Many thanks

Its a known issue that those maps dont have a good night mode. There were users who adapted the typ file, please search in the garmin section of this forum*. With an editor like typviewer, you can try to edit those features yourself. What I dont understand is why your device does not show a dark background if you use the generic map without typ file. Maybe your settings are in daylight mode only?

*See here.

Thanks for your quick reply, Ligtfietser.

I did think I might have a play, but I’m at the limits of my technical ability! I’ll have a look at the Garmin section - is it quite easy to edit these kinds of things?

I’ve definitely got my device in day/night mode (set to switch automatically). I’m not doing anything differently to before. I’ve always avoided the new type maps, because of the grey night mode, and always went for the basic generic, without the typ file (assuming that might be the cause of the grey coloration). Until my most recent downloads, everything was fine - a lovely black background at night, and a nice yellow one in the day (that’s still fine).

As I say, the turn pop-ups are as they used to be, but I’ve now got that flickering grey on the normal view.

Very frustrating!