Collection of textures

Hello people,

I wrote the page: and have placed there some self made textures.
There is also JOSM PlugIn which works with this textures:

For generating of new textures I need pictures of different surfaces.

Can anyone of you make some (country specific) photos for this reason? The pictures which can be found im internet are not “public domain” and I´m sure - the surfaces of ways and other elements are different in different countries.


Let us know what are the surfaces you like/need most, taking pictures is not a problem will you be able to post-process them so as to get them in the size and resolution you need?
We may have a language issue as well since is very difficult to know such specific names in English for us, e.g. a specific stone used for walls.
Should we write the name in Spanish?

Hello Beerforfree, thank You for the feedback. As first and most needed are “boring” surfaces - boring because most used, typical, everywhere to see in the country regions. For Example typical windows, typical doors, typical wall material. Also typical grasses, stones, sand, roofs of the building. I never seen Your beautiful country - so I can not say what ist the most important. I guess there are more hunderts, maybe thousands of surfaces for each country.

Technical questions: If You know how to produce seamless textures and You like it, please do it yourself. If not, send me original pictures and i prepare textures. Naming questions: I wrote the answers into specification: So, wrote names in spanish if You want.

I’m waiting for first textures :wink: Best regards,

to: OSM AR

A ver los fotografos de OSM q se animen a colaborar con nuestro colega Marek para enviarle fotos de supeficies tradicionales de AR como calles, paredes, pasto, puertas, ventanas, empedrados, etc. Recuerden q es solo la superficie
Ej calle: una foto perpendicular a la sup asfaltica


Dear friends,
I write and translate in english step by step tutorial how to make the phototextures under: