Cobblestones vs setts vs paving stones

This seems quite close to the current wiki definitions (if you can accept that we call the first type “Unhewn Cobblestone” rather than just “Cobblestone”). So what exactly would you like to see changed?

Maybe, it is because the British wikipedia ‘hold on’ to these ‘old habits’ , and the rest(you also) of the world has to ‘follow’ those ‘misnomers’ ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe call it ‘belgian block’ instead of sett(s) to avoid ‘confusion’ ? →

Not sure how the term ‘belgian block’ avoids confusion. I’m belgian, and I’m not familiar with the term.

Yes, you are right, sett should be the word, because it is already ‘common’ in OSM … in Belgium, it is called kassei, (comes from latin ; (via) calceata) and the wikidata from it says also sett as ‘priority’:wink: