Coastline Issues


May I know what’s wrong with the coastline over here?

At least, I see a line with the description “Coast line of Singapur”…
I downloaded the data into JOSM, it looks OK there. Last edit was end of September, so maybe the coastline data on the main page are not yet upto date - coast line updates there are a rare event.

I’ve seen similar problems is some lakes, and usually it seems (but not proven) to be connected to the order of “ways” in a relation building that lake. I did some experiment (splitting the coastline, then joining it back together the same way) but no help.

Then I found this:

I checked and the coastlines have been generated September 16th, so maybe in a few days we’ll see it corrected assuming they are built once a month.
“Last-Modified: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 09:16:50 GMT”