Closed road OK for bike

There is a section of road near me that is closed to cars but bikes and walkers can use it. I tried adding tags motor_vehicle=no, bicycle=yes and foot=yes. This doesn’t seem to work Garmin will route autos on it with this tagging. Is there a better way for me to tag this? It’s Branch Rd from just south of the curve to N Center Rd.


I think you tags should be fine.
This would depend on the routing engine of the map used on the Garmin device. I notice the tag edits were done 2 months ago. Are you using official Garmin produced maps which may take some time to reflect changes as they are only updated a few times per year?
Have you tried using some of these services to produce maps suitable for your Garmin which might reflect changes sooner.

I tested a route across the area in using the trekking, fastbike, car-test and moped profiles and this router worked fine.

I don’t know if the latest Garmin maps sold in your country use the Here data like here in Australia, but the Here map online is still routing cars down the road

I’m using Openfietsmap Lite map from and have a new update of it with my edits. It shows the road with 2 red lines instead of 2 black lines it uses for other roads. After making the edit and the road changing to red and I thought it was OK. Then yesterday I was using my Garmin in my car and changed it to auto mode. In this mode it won’t route on cycleways etc. It tried to route me on the road in question. I checked the settings and when I got home I tried it in Garmin BaseCamp. BaseCamp will also route on this road in auto mode. I tried Google routing and it won’t route this road for cars but will in cycling and walking. At that point I didn’t know if it was a problem with my tagging or Garmin’s routing engine so thought I would ask.

You must have been making your edit while I was typing. I think the Garmin North America maps are HEAR maps. I don’t use them anymore they won’t route on cycleways. Insted I use OSM maps. I’m trying to make any edits I know about to them to make them as good as possible. I download an updated map about once a week for my area so I have the latest changes.

Openfietsmap is designed for cycling, so the routing should work for that. But the routing may not work properly for cars (even if you set the Garmin to car mode).

Try some more general purpose Garmin maps, eg the “Generic routable” style from that website. They should work better in car mode.

I download a new copy of OSM Generic Routable and OSM Generic Routable (new Style). With both maps Garmin will route on the closed road in car mode.

If my tags are correct it looks like it’s a Garmin problem.

Openfietsmap is meant for cyclists, it does not support car routing. The car vehicle mode is meant for racing bikes so it is logically that it routes on this road that is closed for cars.
I checked the latest OSM generic of that area (version 7 Oct.) and it does not route on that section in car mode neither in Basecamp nor Mapsource, so your tags are working fine.
And please post your Garmin related questions in the Garmin section, you might get more response there as I dont read this section quite frequently.

PS are you sure you have only ONE map active on your Garmin? If you have multiple maps active the Garmin gets confused and uses the routing of a map that you dont want (maybe you had my bike map active while looking and using the general map?)

Thanks for the information and for the map I like Openfietsmap a lot I use my GPS mostly on my bike.

I will check to see if I have more than one map active. My only concern was if the tagging is correct. I’m new to OSM and want to do things correctly to make the map better.

If I have more questions I will post them in the Garmin section.