[CLOSED] Pls add Autopilot software UAV to existing page

Hi, as i cant login to the wiki to do it myself, can someone add the other autopilots to the bottom of the page of http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UAV ?

The list is also on http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=23458 Adding OpenStreetMap to Autopilot software UAV

*The Paparazzi Project http://paparazzi.enac.fr/wiki/Main_Page GNU licencing, Google, MS Maps and Openstreetmap.
http://paparazzi.enac.fr/wiki/Maps The tiles of Openstreetmap are not real photos (YET!) but rendered tiles.
*PX4 https://pixhawk.ethz.ch/px4/en/start http://qgroundcontrol.org/ BSD license, (Google Earth support)
*OpenPilot http://www.openpilot.org/ (Google Earth support)
*UAVOS http://wiki.uavos.com/doku.php/sw/start (Google Earth support) for waypointing
*Ardupilot http://copter.ardupilot.com/ (Google Earth support)
*TauLabs http://www.rcswift.com/
*Airware http://www.airware.com/development/software/
*Airelectronics http://www.airelectronics.es/products/?PHPSESSID=2he56usn140oh6d5qeenpshrs1
*Uas-europe http://www.uas-europe.se/index.php/products/easypilot-3-0-miniature-autopilot
*Micropilot http://www.micropilot.com/about.htm
*Piccolo http://www.cloudcaptech.com/piccolo_system.shtm
*Rockwellcollins http://www.rockwellcollins.com/sitecore/content/Data/Products/Controls/Autopilot/APS-85_Autopilot_System.aspx
*Aerocontrol http://www.aerocontrol.com/products
*Gluonpilot http://gluonpilot.com/
*Quantec http://www.quantec-networks.de/
*UNAV http://u-nav.com/software.aspx
*Skycircuits http://www.skycircuits.com/
*Vikingaero http://vikingaero.com/
*Cropcam http://cropcam.com/
*Parrot http://ardrone2.parrot.com/
*Dji http://www.dji.com/
*Sensefly https://www.sensefly.com/operations/maps-and-3d.html
*Canberrauav http://www.canberrauav.com/
*NG-UAV http://ng.uavp.ch/
*Openrelief http://www.openrelief.org/home/

And the external link in the top of the page to Haiti is dead.


he! today i could login, so i do it myself :slight_smile:


Why are you not able to log in to the OSM forum?

Have you already registered there? You need an extra account there that should be named the same like your OSM account.

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Accounts

yes, i just found it, ty

The wiki edits are done, thread can be closed.