CLOSED Has my website been hacked?


I am currently having difficulties with my websites. I get the following popup:

Please do not continue there, I need to clarify this first.

SSH to my webhoster (a2hosting) doesn’t work either, it’s strange.


Did your domain expire?


But i found connections from other (external) sites do work.

Do you see the Popup or just a regular website?

max be it’s a local problem?

Imunify360 is a Web Application Firewall that can be put in front of web sites as a proxy to try and protect them from certain classes of attack and it appears to be something a2hosting offer:

Maybe it got turned on for your site somehow?

Actually having translated the message now I suspect that it’s supposed to be running but it has decided it doesn’t like your client and is blocking it.

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BEFORE I clicked on the “funny” link, I had checked the blacklist at A2hosting and the box said that this IP is NOT blocked.

After clicking the popup and a capcha everything is free again.

Let’s see what they say about this.

“Cerebellum to blood pressure: lowering”.

Thanks and greetings

I’m getting: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN and other generic site not found errors from my computer and seems to agree that something’s wrong. I can get through on my tablet but I think that might have cached results.