Closed down place w/ additional tags

Hey there! This is my first time posting here, so I apologize if I’m being rude or formatting my question poorly.

So, I’m dealing with a situation where a local restaurant closed down. Now usually, you would add disused prefixes to all of the tags (except maybe name?). The problem is, there are a lot of “additional” tags, such as air_conditioning=yes and reservation=no. Adding disused to all of these tags seems tedious and nitpicky. Is this the right way to go or are there better options?

For start, is there any noticeable trace of that restaurant? Signage? Other remains?

If it is just a vacant property I would use disused:shop=yes or shop=vacant

If there is some trace of that restaurant I would remove all that extra properties such as air_conditioning=yes and reservation=no and opening_hours and keep just disused:amenity=restaurant and properties which remain valid and present.

Optionally, if that is in generally air conditioned mall one may argue that disused:shop=yes air_conditioning=yes is correct.


I agree, the properties are either still valid or can be removed, the disused prefix should only go on “main” tags (or just be deleted). Careful to keep addresses and similar tags that are not specific to the user.

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Yes, just delete it.
If you do keep it as a disused:amenity the only tag I would consider keeping would be wheelchair=yes because it is unlikely that a new restaurant would remove wheelchair access.

The common reason is that it is tedious to do, and the person updating the POI often has tens to hundreds more updates & additions from their survey. This is also a bit editor dependent, but most editors do not provide support for moving all adjectival tags to disused. Therefore mappers often just put disused on the primary tag as this removes the POI from both Carto-CSS and searches.

Therefore you have a choice of :

a) adding “disused:” to the descriptive (additional) tags
or b) deleting them

The choice will depend a bit on the status of POI and how old the original edits might be. I have certainly restored a range of disused:* tags on various pubs, restaurants & hotels.