Clearing old OSM changes

How can I clear old data on a map even though I’ve edited it?

What are you actually trying to do?

Could you please give us an example of the “old data” you’re wanting to clear?

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For example, a false but locked boundary

What does “locked” mean?

For example here

As the message says, the name is locked because it has a wikidata tag. This is a feature of the editor that you are using, and is designed to stop incorrect name changes.

What would you like to change the name to?

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I want to add the name in English

Scroll down to the “tags” section; you can add the English name there as “name:en”. However, I’d only add that if something really does have an English name; don’t just add it for translations.

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i can’t add name it’s locked

Sure you can. I’ve just done it on some test data here.

In the iD editor, scroll down at the left-hand side to the “tags” section. Then add a new tag.