Clear Map without forest and other details on zooming in.


I am using Mapnik OpenStreetMap layer in my application. Initially, on loading, the Map displays a world map with states and its boundaries.
The land is in white color and ocean in blue color.

When I start zooming in, the map gets crowded with features showing streets, forest and other features that are not required for the application.
I have to display few points of interest on the map. I have a layer that is added on top of this Map.

But since the openstreetmap has more features, the details/points added by me are not distinct, when I zoom-in.
Therefore, I am looking for a clear map with states and boundaries. When I zoom-in the map zooms and displays only points added by me.

Is it possible to achieve it using openstreetmap? If not, could you suggest some other map providers with the requested features?


You can download the OSM data, and use it to render a map in a custom style, showing only the things you are interested in.
The best way of doing this rendering will depend on your application, ie how large an area do you need, and what zoom level etc. See this wiki page for some basic info and links to software etc:

Or there are other providers of OSM based maps in custom styles, eg Cloudmade
They have an online style editor so you can try different things, and see what they look like.


I’m in the same situation but a lot of years after ^^u Could you help me? What I’m searching is some quick option without the need of customize base map; instead of that, how could I use a different base map for a political map already customized only with geographical points and administrative areas?

Thanks so much,