Clean up of mechanical edits of "Bogumil"


the user “Bogumil” did a large number of mechanical edits without having them discussed with the community first.

I agree with a larger part of the changes. Still some of the edits are simply wrong. Changing the “operator” of all 7-Eleven stores to “Seven & I Holdings” is wrong.
I commented on this changeset:
I also mentioned to check to forum.

How shall we proceed here? Do we need technical support from the DWG?
As I’m getting experience in tailoring my tools I think I can offer to create a patch which searches for that broken operator and restores the previous value of the operator tag.

Does more need to be done?

I am quite certain that adding globally those tags is also wrong.
wikipedia en:Starbucks

At least for Starbucks there was a longer discussion which was leading to some reverts of the wikipedia tag. Unfortunately not being executed in Thailand:

website/phone/wikipedia has to refer to the official website of the specific object being tagged. Wiki states " to the official website for the related features".
Is a global website specific to that Starbucks coffee being tagged here?

Similar to McDelivery call center phone numbers. If you look for the phone number of that specific feature (maybe you want to call them because you forgot your bag there?), does it help to have a delivery call center listed?

I think its about time you did a clean up of the Thai 7-Eleven stores. Many have been added in recent months and if the operator is wrong, then lets correct it.
For my mind, the wikipedia article is clear, so probably correct, and whoever made the global change was just retarded in not researching the facts.
U got my support to change it to the CP All Public Company Limited