Classification of Frontage Roads in Thai.

I cant find much on the above subject, but when using Osmose for error checking, it doesn’t like the way in which these roads are sometimes tagged…

I’m talking about the typical roads that run parallel to the main Thai highways in the cities. While some are 2-way and small enough to be unclassified, what about the larger ones that are one-way and often 2 lanes wide. These are the roads that often motorcyclists are directed into when banned from the main highway (commonly found in the approaches to Bangkok).

As they often serve as feeder roads on and off to the main trunk highways, the temptation is to use the highway=trunk_link as being the best choice (or primary, secondary, & tertiary link, respectively).

Osmose often throws an error as it feels there should be a length limit on these links, but that it easily overcome by splitting the links into shorter lengths.

Should we carry on with the link approach, or what is everyone else doing ?

Russ :confused:

Hi Russ,

I think they should only be trunk_link if they’re a feeder road. If they’re not then they should be classified differently, but I think we still don’t have a solid foolproof way of classifying the other highway types in TH.

I’d be tempted to label it tertiary just because it’s not a major highway but at the same time links a reasonably large geographical area.

Similar to those roads parallel to 414 in Hat Yai?
I do not know what to do with them either.