Citys, Towns and Villages


If this has been answered somewhere else in the 2000+ topics in this forum, then my apology. I haven’t found it yet. I’m a newcomer to this map-making.

I have a Garmin 1490LMT, with Garmin’s U.S. & Canada maps, and also a commercial version of Costa Rica and Panama installed. All works well with those.

I am hoping to make some OSM maps of Mexico and some other Central American countries but I’m having a few difficulties. I’ve managed to make a map of Mexico and when I load it into my Garmin it works mostly as expected except that cities and towns are not searchable. When I try ‘Where to Go’ to a city in Mexico, with the Mexico map enabled, the Garmin can’t find it. In fact, enabling the Mexico OSM map has a reverse effect! Cities and towns in Mexico that can be searched for and found in the base map (no maps enabled) cannot be found once I enable the Mexico map. Truly odd.

I guess the problem has to do with visibility of the Mexican cities and towns to the search engine in the Garmin. Probably somewhere in mkgmap styles there’s a way to increase the priority of cities and towns, or otherwise make them more visible to the search engine. Or maybe it has something interaction with drawing levels. But, how to fix this is not clear from any of the documentation that I’ve found so far.

I have an arguments file as below which I guess should be using the default style.

style: default
family-id: 3141
family-name: Mexico 2012 OSM
series-name: OSM
country-name: Mexico
country-abbr: MEX
createboundsfile: mexico-boundaries.osm
location-autofill: bounds

Some hints will be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance,