Choosing map type

How do you get ‘Generic Nautical (non-routable)’ or ‘Transparent overlay with elevation contours’ maps on the website?
I tried logging in to OpenStreetMap and this doesn’t work.
Because the option is there, but the button to click is faded, so you can’t select it.
This isn’t urgent, I am just curious why someone would give an option you can’t select.

I would ask Garmin. Openstreetmap itself is a textual description on the location and attributes of geographical features, not any of the two dimensional image renderings of that data. Garmin will have rendered the underlying data for their own purposes.

Here is the info on the types listed from the ? icon above the listing
I assume the nautical map is in the pipeline for this site and just a heads up to another version of the maps becoming available soon and also keep in mind that it may not be initially available world wide.

There is a post for maps provided by .

Garmin has nothing to do with this ;), better ask Lambertus (owner of this forum and the site).
Those options are faded because it isnt implemented yet.