Choice of GIS technology.


My company, is currently working on a one and a half year US government sponsored program that involves traffic surveillance with the goal of detecting anomalous driver behavior. Related work is expected to follow. A large portion of this program will involve GIS work. Specifically, we will need to be able to query some sort of GIS database for information about the roadways that will be surveilled. This information should include the road location and geometry down to lane-level accuracy. This information should also include road topology and traffic direction so that a driver’s route choice can be analyzed. Ideally, the GIS information would also include traffic signals (as well as stop and yield signs) and traffic constraints (e.g. “no right turn on red,” “bus lane only”).

In our preliminary analysis of existing GIS standards and technologies we have had considerable trouble identifying an acceptable solution. There appear to be several competing standards and many of the existing standards appear to be so general as to be unusable for our purposes. Can you recommend any appropriate technologies according to the description above? What data format should we use? What tools might we use to query the data and write data? Can you recommend sources for sample GIS data?


P.S. if this topic is completely out of place, then someone please kindly point me in the proper direction.