China Map with English Texts

Is it possible to have the map of China shown with english texts (instead of Chinese)?

Yes. Use the layer switcher at the right and choose a different layer. Three of the five layers support Latin (“English”) names.

This does require that the underlying map data has the English text of course; for some small places that is unlikely to be the case.

It might be worth pointing out that even major cities, like 北京 (Beijing) don’t have English names. The Romanised forms of the names will vary from country to country, do not tell you how to pronounce the name, unless you have studied the phonetics, and don’t necessarily reflect how the name is pronounced in the place itself, even if you know the phonetics associated with the standard romanisation of the name.

It is not always possible to mechanically convert the names into Romanised form, even if you take into account the country, as many characters have more than one pronunciation. E.g., for the PRC, 都 is most often romanised as dou, but in the loan word lido (丽都) it is romanised as du and pronounced more like English “do” than English “dough”.

If you wanted to give Beijing an English name, it would be Northern Capital. Peking is just an older Romanisation.

As a fairly extreme example of country variation, 东京 romanises as dong jing in the PRC, but as Tokyo in Japan.