Checking what my changesets are reverted?

Once in a while I have strange feeling that things I mapped in before are deleted and I have to do it again.
Can I check somehow what my edits are reverted or changed, especially deleted?

Do you maybe have an idea where something you mapped may have been deleted?

You might get a clue with

If you know what objet you’re looking for and when, you can use overpass, like here: .

If you don’t know the object but do know the date you can use: (that won’t work with large areas of course).

Once you know the object you can look at the history: and can get more details about the particular changeset that changed something like in this case.

If you reckon that a particular name existed at a certain point in the past you can try something like .

Unfortunately, I usually do not know any details except that I know I mapped some stuff some time ago (count in years) and they are now gone.

Yesterday I noticed that on my stats at there is some small number of changes are reverted. If they can show that in stats, then I thought there is a way to see exactly what are those changes.

I check today my and I have 5 reverted changes! first news.
I am also interested in knowing which of my edits are reverted, in order to learn and not make the possible mistake again.
Also no date, object or zone clue.

Well, that might included parts of you edits that was reverted on someone else’s changeset. (I certainly hope so since I got hundreds of them! :O)

The “number of reverted changes” seems to be a bit of a frequently asked question - see here: .

It sounds like it simply means you changed X to Y and then another mapper changed it back to X, and to find out exactly what would need an analysis of the planet history data. Only 5 reverted changes sounds like almost everyone thinks almost everything you do is perfect - the figure for the account I use for DWG reverts etc. is a bit higher: