Checking notes

Hi everyone,

Im currently living in Jipijapa, Manabi, Ecuador and trying to map this littel town. However I have fond many notes from people that says useless things that has nothing to do with map features. It is: vokterhytte, good village to live, 1v oe, etc…

The questios is: What am I supposed to do? Can I delete this? in this case HOW? I have found no way to do it.

Thank you
Ojo de Aguila

I always remove notes that have nothing to do with map features (like you described).

What editor do you use to change the map? With ID or JOSM it is easy to remove the notes.
Click on the item that has a useless note and you should see a list with al the tags (in ID it shows left of the screen). There you also see the symbol of the wastebasket that you need to remove the tag!


Do you mean Notes that are displayed at main website when checking the box to display them? Or do you mean existing map elements like ways, streets and buildings where someone added a tag like note=good place to live ?

I have found the answer:

Removing a note
You cannot “remove” a note. You can close / “resolve” a node. After some days it will disappear from the standard notes view.
The DWG can “hide” notes so they won’t appear at all, but this is usually only applied to notes that are insulting to people, damaging to the project, or that (have accidentally been made to) contain sensitive information.

So, what I have to do is just leave a note and resolve it, isn’t it?

Yes, you should click on one of the problematic nodes and resolve it with the appropriate button (it only appears when you are logged in).

It would be nice if you also left a friendly comment why the note is not appropriate, so that the creator has a chance to learn.