chart orientation

Hi, I am new in OSM and have a simple question.
While hiking I want to orientate the map on my smartphone such that I have the route in front of me.
So right on the map is right I go

How do I do that?


Which navigation app?

It depends on the navigation app you are using, not on the OSM data that the app creator is using.

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It sounds like you are using the “vanilla” map at
That is not the best idea, this map was never meant for your kind of use. Indeed I think that it cannot do what you require.
Better to use dedicated software, a couple of names that come to mind are navit, osmand, magic earth, … But I am sure there are many more.

Hi Ben105, You should be able to lock the view north south or not, it depends on the program you use.
So which tool (medium) do you use with which program ?