characters problems

I wish to have img file with Hebrew street names, like it is within JOSM.
but while using mkgmap i got strange results (Latin or ???) but not Hebrew.
below is the command that i tried with many combinations.
i did not found a combination that lead to an Hebrew characters.
java -Xmx512m -jar mkgmap.jar --code-page=1255 --name-tag-list=name:name,he,int_name --mapname=MyMap --latin1 --lower-case JOSMData.osm

any idea?

I think that many older Garmin GPS devices cannot display non-Latin characters and don’t know what commands to use if your device does support non-Latin. Hopefully someone else knows this…

I did not use GPS Device so the problem is not there.
I read the IMG map with a PC software. I don’t have Hebrew problems with other vector maps.
so i guess there is a problem with the converting from OSM to IMG with mkgmap.

my OSM map and the IMG map that was created with mkgmap can be download from here:

You first select --code-page=1255 but then overwrite it with --latin1 (AKA --code-page=1252) in your command line arguments before actually loading the .osm file.


Now I found the problem…
The problem is not with mkgmap. the img is just OK with other PC software.