Changing the styling of addr:housenumber and addr:street and make them appear when the map is less zoomed in

Newbie problem: I would like to print out sections of the map to help with mail delivery but the default layer that shows small dark grey address numbers on light grey houses gives too little contrast, and the other default layers are worse.

  1. How do you change the color of the tags?
  2. How do you change the display size of the tags?
  3. How do you make them appear when the map is more zoomed out? I would like all the addresses to show up, not just some of them.

I hope this can be solved by editing a stylesheet. Is a good, or the best solution for this?

I have searched for answers and installed QGIS, but apparently I still need pointers.

  1. Given you have a list of a few hundred addresses, or maybe less if that is too much, what is a quick and easy way to run a traveling salesman algorithm on the addresses?

Are you aware of myOSMatic? You may find it useful to print maps, especially with the addresses overlay. Here is one instance of it running:

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Thanks. I tried it now. If you use a stylesheet like CartoOSM, which also displays addresses, and you for example use zoom factor 8 in the paper selection step, this happens:


So the stylesheet’s zoom factor 7 addresses still get displayed, which makes the overlay numbers under them unreadable. Using the Blossom stylesheet for example fixes that.

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