Changing the comment on a closed changeset?

Is there an easy way to change the comment on a closed changeset? I sometimes forget to update the comment when I save a changeset, so I get a copy of the previous changeset’s comment which may not describe the new changeset accurately.

JOSM’s changeset manager does not seem to allow editing an existing comment. I diid not find any relevant plugins either.

As far as I know, the API does not allow you to change comments of closed changesets. Unfortunately, as that feature would sometimes come quite handy.

While this limitation exists, I suggest that editors shouldn’t just copy the previous comment quietly. They should require the user to type in a new one or explicitly choose one of the recently used comments.

Btw, I do like that JOSM offers a set of recently used comments to choose from (if you remember to). Quite often you do a bunch of similar edits, then do some totally different edits, and then continue doing the same kind of edits you did before.