changing product ID of gmapi output


I am using roadtrip on a mac and it only allows me to load a single .gmapi file from - even if I change the filename from OSM world routeable.gmapi to something else.gmapi

I think this is because the product ID in each of the downloaded .gmapi created by is identical so roadtrip does not recognise them as different files but instead overwrites the previously loaded map. The workaround is obviously just to load different areas as I need them but I would prefer to be able to load them all and switch areas using the dropdown menu in Roadtrip

Does anyone know how to edit the gmapi file to change the product ID or even whether I have totally misunderstood what is going on! Only got my gps a few days ago so am new to all this!

Many Thanks!
ps is fantastic - well done Lambertus

Yes, the same goes for MapSource under Windows too, but at least it doesn’t give an error there but just shows the lastly installed map.

Correct again. All the maps from have the same product id. Making the product ID configurable (and many other Garmin related parameters) is on the todo list, but time to hack on it is very limited.

I don’t know about gmapi, but there are applications that let you change the product ID for Windows versions, e.g. TDBChanger. Perhaps you can find an OSX alternative.

You’re welcome, glad you like it.

thanks a lot for the advice - very helpful

I don’t know how the registry and folder structures work in gmapi either, but in Windows you can use mkgmap to compile new TDB files for an existing registry entry. Lambertus’s original installer set up a working directory for the TDB and IMG files. As long as the IMG files have different names, you can combine multiple IMGs into a new 6324000.TDB and 6324000.IMG. Then drop all the files into the folders defined by Lambertus’s installer. I’ve replaced one Lambertus map with 5 of my own that way.

Yes, that’s a solution too, just download the tiles you’re interested in, but without the installer. Then run Mkgmap yourself to create the overview TDB and IMG file. Just read the Mkgmap options list carefully.

It should be something like this (copied from my build scripts):

java -Xmx1024M -jar mkgmap.jar --overview-mapname=63240000 --series-name='OSM World Routable' --latin1 --description='OSM World Routable' --product-id=53 --tdbfile --gmapsupp *324*.img

Remove the gmapsupp parameter if you’re not interested in a map that you can copy directly onto the Garmin unit using filecopy.