Changing cubicles on beaches?


I’ve found that we haven’t any tags for changing cubicles which we can find on any beach. Since I’m not a native English speaker I don’t know the best way to tag those instances: amenity=changing_room (very common and easy), amenity=changing_cubicle (because actually at the beach we haven’t rooms)? Should we use singular or plural (changing_room or changing_rooms, cubicle or cubicles)?

Or, may be, there is some better alternatives to tag those things?

And I think we should take into account American English speakers opinion.

Please comment.

I must admit it is not something I have ever seen in the UK.

It could be worth asking on the talk-gb mailing list as that gets much more readership, the UK community very rarely visit these forums.

changing cubicle :slight_smile:

Are these even permanent items that need to be mapped at all?

I’m not a native speaker as well but what about “facility” instead of specifying the type of changing-facility?

Hello PHerison

Facility wird man verstehen, könnte auch ein Zimmer sein.
Ein cubicle ist das was auf dem Bild gezeigt wird.
Als Engländer ist “changing cubicle” das Wort meiner Wahl.

Hello PHerison

Facility sounds like modern word.
When I went to school people used a changing cubicle.

After trying to figure out the best option, I settled on “amenity=dressing_room” . Also posted at .