Changesets reverts

Area B issue is fixed, and I’ll update the Israel Hiking Map accordingly.

The changeset analyzer is currently down, so I have no idea what changes were made to Area B in changeset 25937437


In changeset 29429445, user sivan00 has deleted part of Matzok HaTzinim Natural Reserve (שמורת טבע מצוק הצינים) - way 318954262.

I assume this was done by mistake, but the user did not respond to my message, despite being active in map edits.

Please restore this way.

Thanks, Zeev

Matzok HaTzinim Natural Reserve (318949395) was restored (Changeset 29981070)

This way “soli’s road”

seems completely bogus - it intersects many of the existing ways, reuses many of the existing nodes, and its type is “footway”, which is wrong in most places. It was uploaded by this user:

which seems to be useless too.

It’s easy to delete. What is the proper protocol (ask the user and wait for reply? or delete right away?)

Contacting the user as a first step is always a good policy. In many cases, people are trying to do good, but they make mistakes along the way, especially at their first steps. It is in everybody’s interest to help them become contributing members of the community.

I suggest writing a welcoming message to the user, explaining the issues with the edit, asking what was the intended result and if he/she needs help in fixing it. If there is no reasonable response after a couple of weeks, put a revert request here.

In most cases people were willing to fix or let me fix by myself.


This user sivan00 has done a few problematic (unless someone convinces me otherwise) changes: changing “highway=path” to “highway=track” on some ways:

example, example, example (twice).

I tried to contact him through Open Street Map messaging 10 days ago; got no reply.

So I have two questions, one technical and one administrative.

  1. How can I review the changesets that this user did? (I expect there to be a lot of helpful changes and a few problematic ones)
  2. What should we do? I have changed the “highway” type on some of these ways myself in the past; if I do anything now it might be interpreted as an edit war.

Also, do we even care? A distinction between “path” and “track”, while important for me, is maybe not so important for most people?

I think the only way to review all changesets is to go one by one, I don’t see any faster way.
You can use Achavi Boomarklet to make review easier.

If you are sure that these roads are tracks - just change them back. Even wiki suggests this:

Maybe will not harm to recheck them after some time to ensure this user doesn’t make same mistake again.

Maybe it wasn’t clear from my post - these are not "track"s. There is no way a vehicle can pass there. These are hiking trails.
Actually, I daresay that one of them is the most important hiking trail in Israel!

Sorry, that was my fault :slight_smile:
But same rule applies: if you sure - change it! :slight_smile:

I have tried to contact the user sivan00 about several edits, but got no answer. Since the messages were sent, the user continued to be very active editing the map, as seen in the user’s history.

Is there something else that can be done to get sivan00’s attention before contacting the Data working group with a suspicion of vandalism!?


On 19-Mar-2016 I wrote in Hebrew about 4 questionable edits in changeset 37367934:

On 23-Mar-2016 I wrote in English

Here he reveals his name, if it’s helpful.

I have forwarding my above post to sivan00 in a private message and to reply in this forum.
Yesterday I received a response in a private massage.

I’ve asked sivan00 again to respond in this thread since the issues are not private.

I hope he is responsive. Lots of damage, also in דרך המעיינות near Ein Carem.

I’m terribly sorry if some errors were introduced as part of the modifications/corrections I have been making to OSM. Throughout my work I have encountered countless number of errors and corrected them to the best of my knowledge. If in some cases, someone thinks I made a mistake he is welcome to correct it. I the future, I will avoid correcting trails I’m not sure of, as this seems to be the main issue here.

Dear Sivan,

Mistakes happen, especially if you’re new to this and that’s okay. We appreciate your enthusiasm in correcting OSM mistakes.
That said, you seem to have introduced countless misrepresentations of paths as tracks. Think of all the grief caused to people planning 4x4 trips based on OSM and getting stuck. I believe it is your responsibility, rather thand the community’s, to go over these errors and correct them one by one.


Sorry for missing this thread. I should have posted my previous reverts here. User Haim Eliezer Rogovin appears to be creating random castles. Two reverts so far.

I’ve reverted three changesets so far. User unresponsive to PMs or discussion comments.

I’ve sent them a “message that has to be read before continuing mapping” in case they’re just not seeing emails for whatever reason:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I removed 8-year old vandalism nodes.

Interestingly, they were introduced by an apparently good user with lots of good contributions. I’d advise scanning the user’s history to see if more bad nodes were pushed among the good ones.