Changesets reverts

Reverted next changesets (mainly wrong road type change) by Son Grove: reverted by Schmulick reverted by Schmulick reverted by Schmulick reverted by Schmulick (full) reverted by Schmulick reverted by Schmulick

Reverted next changesets by:יניב

Please also revert the following changeset where Son Grove changed the trunk tunnel in Haifa to a motorway:

And the partially reverted changeset 13544081 includes for example this area showing a red primary road 4 instead of being green (trunk)

We have another canidate for rollbacks that is not answering on emails:
All edits from I can see is changing the proposed definition:

Example : highway = proposed => highway = motorway

I checked several changesets from him and all changes he is doing is the same thing.
I will look into how to revert changesets and start rolling back. Currently its not possible to navigate through Israel as all proposed roads are now defined as opened. Also road 6 in the north etc.

I will keep you posted…

Issue here needs to be fixed:

Reverts done already (started with the oldest edits): (already done manually by Son Grove) (already done manually by Son Grove) can’t revert technically

Anybody can confirm this junction: []( (added in []( by the new user ronda which isn't answering to messages :( )

Can anybody try to rollback next changeset:
As I understand, along with adding some POI, user also deleted large part of forest.

Restored deleted forest and village. Changesets: 16462033, 16462274

Need to revert all changesets with comment “Changed the default name to the English one” done by user Tamuz

Mr_Israel already contacted him

Changesets to revert (all with comment “Changed the default name to the English one”):

Reverted all:

New candidates on revert by MtaX
17701432 deleted playground added by dimka
17686086 deleted whole Azriely area
17704368 546 nodes, 88 ways and 1 relation deleted
17686141 deleted Nip Tower
17686116 deleted Toyota tower
17686199 deleted Arlov tower and Discount Bank Tower
17686277 deletion
17686302 deletion
17686338 deletion
17687226 deletion
17686096 deletion

Checked all changesets by this user up to 17818422. All newer changesets must be checked.

Please revert changeset 21556937

As it includes only errors:

  1. The entire coastline between Tirat Ha-Carmel and Cesarea (way 96762889) was changed to a straight line.
  2. Incorrect tag changed for the Mitzpe Ramon boundary (way 27243339) by setting “name:he”=“мицпе раион”, and deleting both “name:en” and “name:ru”
  3. Created an dummy (!?) area using a self intersecting way with no meaningful tags

The same user also created changeset 21503216 that includes an unidentified way (no meaningful tags) which is not related to any feature in the Bing photos.
Please consider reverting it too.

Reverted both 21503216 and 21556937 and contacted user via PM

There is a troll named “saifaldin” who vandalized ways and area’s near Netivot. Can someone revert the vandalism? :open_mouth:

Please provide specific changeset numbers and an explanation of the vandalism for each one of them.

This ways were deleted or changed by user saifaldin
25692063, v13 - Deletion
175699358, v2 - Deletion
175699368, v2 - Deletion
93879807, v5 - Deletion
175699584, v11 - Deletion
93887889, v11 - Deletion
95428950, v2 - Deletion
93887896, v9 - Deletion
219662905, v5 - Deletion
220025716, v2 - Deletion
220026270, v9 - Deletion
49671281, v11 - Deletion
95458489, v4 - Deletion
58534225, v14 - Deletion
127603819, v2 - Deletion
120234822, v2 - Deletion
61176969, v4 - Changed location
61168376, v4 - Changed location
277555115, v1 - Changed location
277555113, v1 - Changed location
277555110, v1 - Changed location

ok, he has only one changeset 21976920
And as far as I can see - he deleted large landuse areas, rivers, wadis and some boundary ways.
For sure this one isn’t a good edit. I’ll revert it immediately.


Great! Thanks :smiley:

Please revert Changeset: 25905849

Below is the correspondence with its editor:

Reverted. See Changeset 26462429
Probably changes done in other changeset 25937437 was affected because of revert conflict. Please recheck relation Area B 3791784.

Area B issue is fixed, and I’ll update the Israel Hiking Map accordingly.

The changeset analyzer is currently down, so I have no idea what changes were made to Area B in changeset 25937437


In changeset 29429445, user sivan00 has deleted part of Matzok HaTzinim Natural Reserve (שמורת טבע מצוק הצינים) - way 318954262.

I assume this was done by mistake, but the user did not respond to my message, despite being active in map edits.

Please restore this way.

Thanks, Zeev

Matzok HaTzinim Natural Reserve (318949395) was restored (Changeset 29981070)

This way “soli’s road”

seems completely bogus - it intersects many of the existing ways, reuses many of the existing nodes, and its type is “footway”, which is wrong in most places. It was uploaded by this user:

which seems to be useless too.

It’s easy to delete. What is the proper protocol (ask the user and wait for reply? or delete right away?)