Changesets monitoring

Hi All,

Last time I came across some changes done by newbie users which sometimes was really destructive, like somebody dragged (maybe accidentally) some nodes of road such as road become looped and useless, or somebody else added to school node name=School, etc.

Sometimes these changes are useless, sometimes wrong, and sometimes - really destructive.

I propose to distribute country areas between senior members and try to monitor changesets from new users and fix/rollback changes as needed.

I’m personally already monitoring Beer-Sheba and Holon, and sometimes recheck Bat-Yam and Rishon Lezion.

Is there an easy way to get such updates (RSS feed, email digest, etc.)? I only know of the “history” tab, which is full of wide automatic changes that are not relevant…

Yes, RSS link may be created in history tab for current area. (something like:
Also service available (for RSS too), it filters out big area changes, so it may be more useful than regular history, but, last time it response really slow.

I would actually take over a specific area.
But I would only do it if its not too time consuming finding “my area” and the changesets in that area.

I hate this strange osm history that is way to global and not useful to understand what is happening in your area.

Yep, full changeset check may be too complex, but at least take a look on changed area sometimes enough to understand if there any damage.

About at OWL (OpenStreetMap Watch List):
Description and all links may be found on:

This tool may be easily used to see if there any changes in some area on daily or weekly basis.
For example, when looking on starting from zoom 13 we’ll see areas with changes during last day.

Worth to try!

Here is a link for a “new contributor whithin Israel” RSS: