Changes propagating through the maps?

A few weeks ago I read that the changes made to OSM should appear on the maps within minutes, but that occasionally it might take a day to show up. I’ve noticed that some of the changes I’ve recently made only show up at a specific zoom level, and revert at other zoom levels. This is days after the change was made.

One example is the removal of a hotel that burned down a couple of years ago. I removed them from the map earlier this week, but at most zoom levels they still show up.

The question is whether there has been a significant change to the responsiveness of the site? What’s the current time frame for changes to propagate through the system?

I’ve been making other changes to the map, and it’s hit or miss as to whether those changes will show up even days after the change has been made. And many times the change only appears at certain zoom levels.

(If you’re interested in this specific example, look at the Bayview Hotel in the middle of the map at When I zoom out, it’s still there until I get to, at which point it disappears. The underlying data was deleted several days ago.)


I also see this in services like the route planner on I also wonder why the paths and roads are visible on the map Strava uses in their route planner, but I can not use them for route planning… Does anybody know why? The routes I usually walk and run is not possible to create because of this.

@FredrikC: OSM has several regional tile caches and it’s possible that the one you’re using is heavily loaded and slower to update. If I look at the example you give, the Bayview Hotel is not there on any zoom level.

@JamBeast: Third-party services run at their own update frequency and have nothing to do with OSM update frequency. In particular, routing can be very complex to calculate and an update frequency of a month or longer is not unusual.

@Richard, thanks for the answer. It’s also sad that the satellite images of these services sometimes are over 7-8 years old, but I guess new updates cost…