Changes not vissible on all zoom levels

I have made some changes to some paths in a forest. The changes jump back and forth (between the original set of paths and the new paths), as I zoom in and out. I this normal? See below SE of “Himmelbjerget”:

Thank you

Yes. Although updates usually happen quickly, some zoom levels can take longer than others. It depends on the server loading. I’ve occasionally seen one zoom level displaying old data but all the other zoom levels (that show it at all) show the new data and that situation has lasted at least 30 minutes. Under extreme load updates can take a couple of days. Be patient.

At zoom level 12, updates can easily take a week. No worries. We should not forget this project depends on “donated” hardware/infrastructure; and as its content gets better and better, more and more demands are made, for an ever increasing server load. Let us be grateful for what there is.

Than you for your replys

It has been 8 days today, and the changes are now vissible on all zoom levels :slight_smile: