Changes not displaying on

Maybe I’ve missed an announcement somewhere, but changesets I’ve made over the last few days have not been displaying on the main site:

When I edit, or view the data layer, I see that the changes have been made and saved.
My main use of the data, via MapBox is showing the changes.
It’s just the map tiles on the main site that are not updating.

Example changesets:
46438442 ← this is the most obvious, as it was a large, deleted area

Just wondering :wink:

Same thing here! Changes made during the last 4 days are not shown on the standard map.
They do appear on the Humanitarian layer though…

Probably a problem with the tile servers?

One of the tiles of the first listed changeset was rendered today,
Tile is clean. Last rendered at Thu Feb 02 02:23:43 2017.

The same issue there. Changes I’ve made yesterday still not rendered. And set /dirty flag on did not help. Status was set to clean, date to today, but no change. But the same action on caused immediate rendering of changes. But only small area around requested tile and only one zoom :frowning:

The same. /dirty flag does not work. How can we raise in incident for that? Do we have some kind of a bug tracker for tile servers?

It’s logged at .

Hi All,

Glad to know it is not me, have had issues for the last 4 days. Edits show on Humanitarian layer but none of the others. Forgive me if I am being thick but the issue noted above hasn’t been updated since Jan and ref. a different server, I thought it was ORM that did the rendering?


@nickbits I’m guessing that the situation hasn’t materially changed since the last update. There has been discussion on IRC about it; I don’t think that there is any chance that anyone has forgotten :slight_smile:

@SomeoneElse thanks for the reply. Been using OpenMaps for a long time, only recently started contributing (adding roads, buildings, etc. so still getting used to how all the backend stuff works. Thanks.

But again the updates got stuck again. None of my yesterday edits is showing…

Until the underlying hardware problem is resolved, it’ll continue to be a problem. To be honest, I’d look at a different map style if you want feedback on changes until the problem is fixed.

Is there any ETA already?

There is nothing more listed at .

Yes. I see. But it is from January. And now is March :frowning: