Change PageName


Do somebody know how to change the name of a Wiki Page?

Starting the page by creating the page name I created a name that’s not very cleverly made. It was not exactly covering the content.

Current name: (Overview road signs)
Name to be: (Overview Dutch Road Signs)

Can somebody help me?

With the default wiki layout, there’s a “move” menu item hidden behind the arrow directly next to the search field (upper right corner of the page). You need to be logged in.

… and as far as I remember you also have to move the discussion page as well! (Maybe only when there is some content in there and the link to it is NOT red?)

Have a look at the log of page renaming in the wiki →

Afaik this is done automatically when you move the main page, unless you explicitly disable it.

It even says so on when you click “move”:

"The associated talk page will be automatically moved along with it unless:

  • A non-empty talk page already exists under the new name, or
  • You uncheck the box below."

Lok at it … A wiki specialist.

The page I create will cover different other pages that must revoved later on.

Is there also a trick to do that job?

The trick to is to become a wiki sysop. :wink:

Normal users cannot delete wiki pages. But they can use the {{Delete|…}} template on the page to let the sysops know that the page is no longer needed.

Alternatively, you might consider replacing the content of the obsolete pages with a redirect to the new page.