Change Layer Order (Bring Layer To Front)


I was wondering how to change the order of a layer so that it shows in front of another layer.
For example on the section of the map I’m editing, it shows the park polygon on top of a river so it blocks the river from being seen.
I would like to change the order of these 2 layers so that the river shows on top of the park poly.

I’m using JOSM but can use another editor if needed.



If you’re talking about the layer order as represented in Mapnik (OSM’s default map renderer) then you can’t change the layer order - it’s preset by Mapnik. But I would be surprised if a park polygon was really hiding the river - perhaps there’s an error in how you’re creating the polygons? Can you post a permalink so we can see where you’re talking about?

Best would be, if you want the river to be rendered rather than the park, to cut the park in two, and let the nodes of the river be nodes of the park pieces as well. You can use a multipolygon relation to show that it’s really one park (with one name etcetera) even though it is in two pieces.

Sorry for the delay, I just seen your replies now.

Sure here is the permalink:
I didn’t created these data layers but would like to update this section of the map.

Thanks for the suggestion Andre, I will try this to see how it works.



The problem is with the rendering of the nature reserve in Mapnik. It is rather bad - nature reserve always seems to render on top of everything else, stopping it from being seen. Even things like water/sea/rivers.
I think it would be much better if nature reserve just showed as a boundary, around the area.

There’s also a thread on the mailing list about these problems with nature reserve rendering:

Thank you Vclaw.

Does anyone know of anyone to contact to get this layer order changed in Mapnik?



You can report it as a problem by adding a ticket at

There have been a few previous tickets with similar problems with nature reserve. eg
So you could add a comment to that, with a permalink your example.

Great, thanks again Vclaw