Change existing mapping


I am relatively new to mapping in OSM. A few days ago I stumbled across HOT and think it’s a great idea!
So I started to draw buildings on a project. The task had already been started by another mapper and I saw that the shapes were not very good and he didn’t make the areas rectangular either. According to his profile it was his first steps at OSM ever.
Since the project description said “Please be careful not to change or affect existing mapping unless you are local or very experienced”, I didn’t change that, but only added the missing buildings. The same is written in other parts of HOT that you should not change the mapping of others.
When I was finished, I released the task for validation. Of course it was not released, but set to “invalidated”.
What should I do in the future? Should I correct such obvious errors or bad mapping of others immediately? Or should I wait for validation? If it is set to “invalidated”, I can correct it in any case, right?

Thank you


In this context I have another question that I would like to add to the thread:
I tried to align the background correctly. Unfortunately it was very difficult to do that, because the previous mappers probably all aligned the background differently. I oriented myself to the existing streets, which led to the fact that the buildings mapped so far did not correspond at all with the aerial photograph. If I had aligned the background to the existing building areas, the streets would not have fitted at all. How do I proceed in such a case? As I said before, I oriented myself to the streets and simply ignored the building areas. But no matter how you do it, one of them no longer fits the other. As a beginner, it can make me feel very unsettled. After all, I don’t want to do anything wrong…