Change background layer openstreetmap editor

Hello, I wanted to ask how I can change the background image in the editor, for example I would like to put the satellite images of Google Maps, or other pages, for example the buildings layer of my City to add the buildings:
Because I don’t understand very well what to put a custom layer, also if it is possible to put layers of png images, like in Google Earth

Due to license incompatibility, it is not possible to use Google satellite images to make editions in OSM.
Argentina has an OSM community in which you can consult the type of sources allowed to make editions.

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ok, but actually what I am looking for is exactly how to put custom layers to edit and if possible to use PNG or JPG images, that is, images that I have saved on my computer

You can specify URLs for custom imagery in the the imagery switcher modal (“hamburger” button on the right hand side). There is no direct support for local imagery, but you can naturally use an url from a corresponding service mapwarper, OAM (OpenAerialMap) etc…

Don’t use non-compatible sources, sooner or later that will cause issues.