Change an added (but not yet uploaded) POI in in OSMAnd

Hi, I’m using the Android App OSMAnd for Navigation and try to add POIs whenever I come across an unmapped thing. Is it somehow possible to add further tags to an added (but not yet uploaded) POI. I could’t find a way to modify these POIs after adding them. I often add the POI and take a picture of the surrounding to add more detailed infos to the POI afterwards (like opening hours, website, etc.).

At least in the nightly versions from Osmand apk file there is a feature of editing POIs that you have added by long pressing on the Osmand map,

and we have two edit modes: Basic and Advanced.

I just tried, and you can still add or modify key-value pairs of OSM tags to a POI youi have stored in Osmand app.

What app version of Osmand you have in use?