Challenge: The most detailed airport in OSM


as OpenAirportMap already encouraged many mappers to improve airports around the world I would like to start a little challenge.

Let’s create together, as a community, the most detailed airport in OSM to use it as a showcase in OpenAirportMap. As a result, I will change the default-airport on OpenAirportMap to this airport.

So let’s start the suggestions: Which airport should we choose?

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As a guy from Munich, Germany I’d suggest MUC.

AFAICR, the owners, at least some employees of the owner, are/were (?) actively contributing to OSM:


Munich (EDDM) seems to be a good candidate as it’s a quite big airport, already well-mapped and features some specialties like colored taxiways.


Not many suggestions here so let’s get started!

Any good sources that we can use to improve EDDM?

I found two links for my “AFAICR”:

One of the most beautiful things about an airport for me are the lights. In Frankfurt (OpenAirportMap: EDDF) there are many of them mapped. I think we should add the to MUC aswell if this should be the show-case-airport in OpenStreetMap.

I found this really good video explaining all the lights.