Chain store naming convention

Is there a naming convention for chain stores (hungry jacks, dominos, Harvey Norman etc)?

The choices I see are:

  1. Just the brand name: eg: “Dominos Pizza”
  2. Brand name and location: “Dominos Pizza Charlestown”

The latter is more informative and makes searching for them on a GPS easier, any thoughts?

I would have thought the location would make this self apparent, if you go down this route then you would have to apply this to every poi.
I guess normally you would just need to know the closest “pizza” place and if your searching for a specific store you would limit that geographically.
I’m pretty sure when you search it should show name/location anyway.

Good point. I was thinking from my limited experience with my eTrex Legend HCx, it just tells you distance and bearing and requires you to ask for a map (2 button presses) before you get an actual location.

Anyway, I’ll stick to leaving the suburb out.

Around Melbourne, when I am tagging POI’s such as fast food stores and supermarkets, I always leave the suburb out of the name. When you do a general search on the OSM main page, for example “McDonald’s”, results display saying things like “About 1km west of Melbourne”. Tagging address details to these POI’s would also help locate them.