cgi-bin/export (mapnik pdf export) source pointer?


Could some kind soul point me to the right depot for the mapnik pdf export source? I tried browsing through the different svns but it wasn’t that obvious where that piece lives.

Background: I’m trying to use Illustrator to edit the pdfs and there are a couple of problems I might try my hand at fixing: the font names don’t match system fonts which makes Illustrator display just boxes with X’s in them (and the normal type - find font - change all doesn’t work for some reason with the file either) and as others too have pointed out the map is covered in some extra patterned boxes that need to be manually removed. While both of these are most likely be in mapnik code it would be good to have the OSM script as a starting point to see exactly how mapnik is being called.


Mika Raento

Hi Mika,

Developers usually do not read this forum, try the mailing list instead.


Regarding the fonts, I think they’re the DejaVu font family. Just for info, in case you didn’t know already. :slight_smile:
I’m afraid that I don’t know where the source of the PDF export code is, or if it’s publicly available, so I can’t help you there.

I think you are looking for

Thanks for all the replies! I’ll use the mailing list in the future, thanks for the tip.

I guess has the stylesheet.

Yeah, I knew the fonts were DejaVu. However, the pdf gives the bold font as ‘DejaVuSansBold’ which at least on OS X doesn’t match the system font name for the DejaVu truetype fonts.


I seem to have those fonts on my computer under the Mapnik folder and I believe they have been included in the installation package. Licence file tells:
Fonts are (c) Bitstream (see below). DejaVu changes are in public domain. Glyphs imported from Arev fonts are (c) Tavmjung Bah (see below)