cemetery sectors visibility

I’ve updated sectors of different cemeteries in my area last year, today I got another request to add few more and I noticed all the sector names are gone(they used to be visible when zooming in) they would surely make navigation in those areas way easier. The sector fields are still mostly intact but labels are gone. Is it standard that labels won’t be visible, or I’ve made some error and it had to be fixed? I’ll give this as an example

I didn’t make those sectors, but they used to be visible

I did make those tho and they are also gone

I suppose you are referring to areas tagged as cemetery=sector such as https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/754557755/. The wiki page for this tag https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:cemetery=sector?uselang=en-GB makes clear that currently there is little support for displaying this tag in renderers.

I would guess that what you saw displayed previously was not from the cemetery=sector tag but from the landuse=cemetery tag that had previously been applied to these areas. At some point that tag has been systematically removed, possibly because it suggests that each sector is a cemetery in its own right.

I am also surprised at the use of name=118 rather than ref=118, which would be more typical for this kind of numeric reference. The wiki page suggests that at least one renderer (Osmand) might render ref labels, but I haven’t checked if this is the case.

the sector names are visible here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?whereami=1&query=52.25798%2C20.95312#map=17/52.25798/20.95312
and it used to be exactly the same for the ones I sent.

Yes, because in this example they are still tagged as landuse=cemetery - see my previous comments. Arguably that could be interpreted as saying there are dozens of cemeteries here, named C 23, B 21 etc.

(To clarify, when I said “that tag has been systematically removed” earlier, I meant that it had been removed from all the sectors in the area of the original example - not all sectors in the whole OSM database).

So is there a way to make sector names visible or it’s just going to get removed as it suggests many “small” cemeteries in such area? Is there more proper way to name it and make it visible or it should be done in different instance of OSM(custom one)