Cemetery Mapping - Visible or Historical

When mapping cemeteries using Bing maps should the area drawn be the area currently in use or maintained or the original/historical boundary that was planned for the Cemetery?

I often see cemeteries that have visible graves in one area but may have many more that you can no longer see. Sometimes a farmer has placed at fence around the visible graves to protect them from stock but the cemetery area is much larger. Should the original cemetery are be mapped instead?

I would do the entire site, including reserved space, greenery etc. The function of landuse=cemetery is to give people a final resting place and for people to visit the cemetery. You need more than graves for this function.

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I’d do “everything inside the fence” (or equivalent boundary indication). Around me, there are several cemeteries where large parts of what will eventually be gravesites are being farmed. The cemetery doesn’t need the land yet, and renting it out to farmers increases the funding available for maintenance. It makes far more sense to map that area as “farmland” rather than “cemetery”.