Carving and printing a fragment of the World Map of OSM

I’m totally new to OSM, so that I beg you to be patient, all the more so, that my first main problem is to find the right words to formulate my questions.

I would like to “crop” a fragment of the World Map -a small area in Berlin- and make out of it a bitmap file. that I would upload to the Commons of Wikipedia and use it in order to illustrate an article that I’m writing. Perhaps I should pass throuth an SVG file, that I would convert into PNG or JPG file.

Probably I could find the answer in the Begninner’s Wiki or in the big Wiki: only I don’t know how to formulate my question and input in the wiki the appropriate word. Moreover the guide and the wikis seem orientated to explain HOW TO CONTRIBUTE to OSM, not HOW TO USE IT. But I’m probably wrong, and I should just find a way to ask my qustion(s).

Could anyone tell me:

  1. how should I formulate this question;
  2. where should I look for an answer;
  3. if OSM is conceived to do such things, or not.

I’ll be very grateful for your help.

Maybe that helps:

For your aim, there is also a share icon on where you can generate image files of an defined area.

You might have a look at these two mapping extensions for Wiki pages and their related usage / help pages:


Admittedly not as easy as a plain bitmap, as targeted at slightly more “dynamic” options, but you may still find this useful.

Berlin, Germany ok?

you may ask in the german forum too:


If it is just as illustration, is then making a screenshot not enough?