Capitals of states

Hello fellow Australian mappers,

with the newest osm-carto release capitals are rendered with a two-ring dot. A good reason to clean the key capital=* up! Yesterday I started to clean up all cities which where tagged as capital=yes but are not the national capitals. I changed all cities (around 40) except in Russia. In Australia all capitals of the states where are tagged as capital=yes, admin_level=4 and I already changed them to capital=4 (

Do you agree to the tagging of capital=4, admin_level=4? This does not change the rendering of the cities on standard layer since the “placenames-medium” has the SQL-query capital = ‘4’ OR (capital = ‘yes’ AND admin_level = ‘4’).

The usage of admin_level to denote capital has further problems:

For guidance about the tagging look at: