Can't upload waypoints from recent trip to Corsica

OK, so I took a cycling trip to Corsica recently and spent a bunch of time making a waypoint of every small town I encountered along the way because they weren’t on OpenStreetMap, which I was using to navigate. I figured I’d contribute by adding all of these little towns.

BUT, I get back and try to upload all of my waypoints, and discover that waypoints aren’t accepted by the system. I intentionally used waypoints because I couldn’t afford to use up the battery life on my primary navigation device (an iPhone) by tracking all the time. What gives?

Is there any way to log this data, or should I just toss it in the trash?

You can make a gpx file containing a small track (relevant or not) in addition to your waypoints.
That way it will be accepted.
Be sure to strip from the file all the waypoints that you did not record yourself (in case there are some from the GPS unit memory), that’s the point of this limitation, I think !

You could open the GPX file in JOSM, which will show all of your waypoints. Then place nodes on top of each waypoint, and tag them etc.

Or another idea: use GPSBabel to convert the GPX file to osm format. Then open the osm file in JOSM, and add tags etc then upload.