cant seem to get things working

hi all - im new here but im lost

on the front page where

Help: map selection Choose your map type:
Generic Routable
Generic Routable (testing new style)
Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite)
Generic Nautical (non-routable)

Help: Using country pre-selections Choose a predefined country:

Help: Manual tile selection Perhaps you’d like to add some additional tiles?

Enable manual tile selection: , then use the map below to add and remove tiles to the selection.
Help: Using country pre-selections Request your map or download it directly:

i mark the Routable bicycle. but then nothing happens there is no option below to pre-select maps - just ablank bar. i tryed in chrome - firefox. ie

anyone now what the problem is?

we are lost unless you tell us what website you are referring to …

I assume it has something to to with Garmin maps?

you can go to or and search for “garmin” … there is much of information and FAQ

or: here is a special sub forum about Garmin maps.

I assume you are using this website:
Its working fine for me. Under “Choose a predefined country” it should have drop down lists for Africa / Asia / Europe etc. So you can pick a country from one of these.

Maybe you could post a screenshot of what is showing for you.
Have you disabled images or Javascript in your browser? Does this page work for you?