Can't See My Tracks on openstreetmap


( No doubt this is the 501st post asking this question )

After creating my GPS tracks and successfully uploading them as documented here:
Uploading Data**

I got the confirmation that upload passed confirmation.

But I still can’t see the footpath I created. So, I looked here for help:

I have just made some changes to the map. How do I get to see my changes?

But that did not make the tracks visible.

This is my first attempt.

Any suggestions ?

Yes, you have uploaded your tracks successfully.
But you still have to edit the map, to add these paths - see the next section of the beginners’ guide:

Basically, you have to load that section of the map in an editor (Potlatch or JOSM or Merkaartor), then view your track, then draw over the top of it of it to create a “way”. You then have to add the correct tags to that way, and upload it, to add it to the map.

The GPS tracks that you have uploaded don’t appear on the map itself, they are just there to help out with your map editing.


I’ll give it a try later today.


You are exactly right. Thanks. I can now edit and save my GPS tracks to ways with Potlatch.

There is on problem. When I view my GPS track with Potlatch there is a straight red line which crosses the GPS track/way.

However my raw track doesn’t contain that line when I view it outside of potlatch.

Do you have a suggestion ?