Cant find the right value of buildings


I want to extract some buildings with QuickOSM in QGIS.
In order to do that, i need the “values” (i.e. the type of the building) of different buildings.
But i run into some problems in the SF area.
For example, which value does this building have I tried apartements, houses, detached and some more as value, but nothing seems to work. In the xml i cant find something useful too. Any idea what im doing wrong?

Thx for help

The QuickOSM plugin can download “wildcard” values by entering the key but omitting the value in the form.

That example has building=yes which is an “unknown type” catch-all value.

e.g. This query and resulting map (with OSM Carto as a background):

(©OpenStreetMap contributors obviously)

Way: 286282554 | OpenStreetMap has building=yes

As seen on building | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo analysis about 80% of buildings mapped in OSM are not specifying building type.

Note that you can also go to and edit in area of interest and just view raw data without sending any edits.

Overpass Turbo may be also nice to explore data.

Maybe your tool can query for all building= values? Without specifying exact values?