Can't edit map - access with github


I created this map accessing with my github account:

Now I accessed again, I needed to authenticate using email (OAuth application (OpenStreetMap Authentication), my question is: where is my map? How can I edit it???

Thank you, I am stuck

If you were logged in then you should be able to go the main page and click on “Le mie mappe” to see a list of your maps.

If it turns out that you weren’t logged in when you created the map then you will need to find the longer “edit link” that corresponds to the public link you have shared. This will probably be somewhere in the history of the browser you used to create the map. If I remember correctly they are generally longer than the share links, but it is a while since I created one separate to my account.

Thank you very much!
“le mie mappe” is empty.
I can’t find the edit link in the history, and I can’t access using GitHub, it gives me error now… :frowning: