Can't edit a placename disappears on Zoom


I’m trying to edit a specific placename, Owenstown, in Lanarkshire, Scotland, either to remove or reduce in importance. It is the first place that you see when zooming in from space, so must have a high level of importance/population assigned to it. Yet it doesn’t exist. It was a plan for a new town which was rejected by local planning and the project was abandoned.

However when I Zoom In to Edit, the placename disappears, and if I do a search for it, there are no results.

I wonder if it is possible that a user can create an entry then lock it against further editing, which might be leading to this problem.

When I search for Lanarkshire, I get this:

I don’t see any Owenstown in that region (at whatever zoomlevel I choose) and searches for that name bring me in Ireland.

No, you cannot put something on the map and prevent others from editing it, so where is that mysterious Owenstown?
Maybe it once was on the map and removed by somebody else, but it might be visible on a zoomlevel that is nog yet rendered after it was removed.
Can you send a link of the situation where you do see that name?

Upon which map do you see it? Can you give a URL?

You can search for historic data by using a query similar to this: .
You’ll need to adjust the date to search for different dates. The URL
A link to the screenshot

I do notice that if you turn off the Locator Overlay, all the placenames (including Owenstown) disappear, so perhaps Openstreetmap is getting that information from a different source?

Just ignore the locator overlay - that’s just some historic data that the iD editor chooses to show. It doesn’t correspond to current OSM data.

Ah OK thanks. I see it on Mapbox too, perhaps that’s the source

Indeed it is. I was trying to spare their blushes :slight_smile: